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All Categories > FLOORCARE > Floor Pads and Scrubbers > Ultra High-Speed Floor Pads  

Ultra High-Speed Floor Pads

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UHS Super White

The Super White is our softest pad, and can be used on finishes with minimal dry time on the floor.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Blue Ultra

The Blue Ultra burnishing pad is a super-soft pad for dry burnishing. 

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM


Aqua Burnishing pad is a superior soft pad that lightly polishes the floor for a relective appearance.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Pink Maximum

The Pink Maximum will remove black heel and scuff marks without removing much of the floor's finish.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM


The Champagne pad is a soft rubberized pad that "grabs" the floor and moves the finish to a high gloss.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Natural Light

The Natural Light pad combines a natural hair lubrication with a softer binder to bring out the luster on softer, more buffable floor finishes.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Natural Poly

The Natural Poly Blend pad has rubberized binders and a blend of natural hair and synthetic fibers to create a pad with excellent washability and anti-dusting characteristics for mulitpurpose burnishing.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Natural Fiber

The Natural Fiber is an aggressive natural hair-burnishing pad that will lubricate and level a floor's finish quickly.

Usage Speeds: 1000-3000 RPM

Impact Earth Pads

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