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All Categories > FLOORCARE > Floor Pads and Scrubbers > Conventional Floor Pads  

Conventional Floor Pads

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Ultra Hi-Pro Stripping

The Ultra High Pro pad is a economically priced low-profile, high-performance pad.
This pad strips 20-25% more than traditional black pads.

High Performance Stripping


The Black High Performance pad is our best-performing stripping pad.  Cuts stripping time significantly, saves labor, and extends pad life 40%.

Black Stripping


The Black Stripping pad is our standard stripping pad.  Designed for long-lasting, heavy-duty stripping.

Green Scrubbing


The Green Scrubbing pad is for wet, heavy-duty scrubbing.

Blue Scrubbing


The Blue Scrubbing Pad is used for wet, medium-duty scrubbing.


Red Spray Buffing


The Red Spray Buffing pad is used for dry buffing, spray buffing, or light-duty scrubbing.

40 Red Spray Polishing


The 40 Red Spray Polishing pad is a softer and less aggressive pad than a red spray buffing pad.

White Polishing


The White Polishing pad is for dry polishing or with a fine water mist to enhance a higher gloss.
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